I felt desperate because of my disease and couldn’t sleep anymore as I was trapped by thoughts such as what kind of mistakes I had made so far, and what I should do now.

During these phase, I was asked, “why don’t you take a life coaching session?”

I was very surprised that I felt incredibly peaceful after one-hour session, as I had been suffered so much by my anxiety beforehand.

I think, what happened was, while the coach listened to my situations and concerns, my mind and feeling have been tidily organised, and tips how I can live my life from now on helped.

“You are allowed to decide how to live your life, because it’s your life!”

I repeated this words which I got during the coaching session all the time during my hospitalisation.

I swore that I would stop thinking negative things such as I would not live longer or it was so painful to continue this medical treatment. In addition, I decided that I would live my healthy life after this treatment, and I would be able to overcome this painful moment.

Although I took a coaching session, I felt down time to time.

However, I was overall stable and calmly took the whole therapy, as I could learn how to control my feeling.

Now my treatment is over, and I slowly come back to my normal life.

I still need regular medical check-ups, but now I will enjoy my life peacefully without distracted by my disease.

Miyuki Kurihara – Housewife

Thank you Tomoko for your fantastic support!!! You helped me to identify new ideas and gave me a courage to take these paths.

Katia Gökoğlu – Musician, teacher

After a coaching session I could clean up my mind in terms of what I don’t need anymore (including relationships) and what I want to continue. I felt easier about my life.

Miki Tsutsui – HR director