What is a Holistic Life Coaching?

A holistic life coach approaches to all resources such as mind, emotions and physical and mental aspects of the client, brings balance between them, then supports the client to get the clarity for the issue.


I live too far away to come to the session.

Coaching via skype and face time is possible. There is no quality difference between face-to-face session and video chat session.


How often should I take a session?

It depends on a client. There are many cases that a big transformation happened even after one session. It seems, if the client is ready to change themselves, a coaching session works positively and the client can move on to a next stage.


I’m not good at talking about myself…

The coach is well-trained to take a lead of the session. Client can relax and coach may ask some questions, so that you are able to open up and focus on your real issue. All the conversation at the session is highly confidential.