Holistic Life Coaching is a private coaching session.

Your hidden topics, solutions for your problems, and directions in your lifewill be lighten up by being asked some questions throughout the session by coach.

How many session you will need, or how the session will be developedwill be varied for each client, as everyone has different experiences. 

However, when you are more open to yourself, a bigger change may happen quicker.

Needless to say the issues you talked during the session will be strictly confidential.


Session contents

  • You will get an introduction about holistic life coaching at the very first session.
  • Meditation exercise will relax you to concentrate to the coaching session.
  • Coach will make different questions to support finding out your own solutions and goals.
  • Coach may give you a homework. There is no obligation. You can choose whether you do it.
  • Coach and client summarize the session together. It’s the end of a coaching session.



Free trial session (30 minutes)


*If you want to continue the session after the 30 minutes trial phase, we can continue as a normal standard session. In that case, you will be charged 70 Euros.


Standard one-hour session(The first session will take max. 90 minutes including introduction.)

This suits for those who wants to try a coaching experience very first time, or those who has a rather urgent and single topic to work within a short period of time.

80 Euros


6-week transformation – intensive coaching

You will take 3 coaching sessions and assignments during a 6-week period. Additionally coach can support you with follow-up mails weekly. This intensive coaching program suits those who wishes to solve your life-long problem or pattern, to live ideal lifestyle, or to achieve an important goal and desires a real transformation of yourself.

200 Euros


Standard Booking Hours(German time zone)

Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00 (Online Session will be until 22:00)

If you book an online session, there is no limited booking hours.

Please contact if you want to organise a session during off hours.



67117 Limburgerhof (The detailed address will be informed upon a booking.)


Online session via Zoom

I can do a coaching session at your desired location as well. Please ask for the detail.


Make a reservation



You will receive a confirmation mail with payment details within 2 days. If you didn’t receive anything, please check your spam folder, or send an email to: info@tomoko-schuetz.com


On the day of the session

  • Please bring the topic you want to work on.
  • Please come on time. When we are both relaxed and have enough time, the atmosphere is pleasant.
  • If you live far away,  phone sessions or web meetings are also available.
  • Sessions take place in Limburgerhof. Adress details will be sent when you make a reservation.