How would you like to live your life?

We all have a common purpose in life. Individual environment and experiences are varied, but the fundamental purpose is same for all;

Love and Joy

Some people live with full of love and joy naturally without thinking. Some are stuck somewhere else although they want to live in that way, and some completely forgot their purpose for living. I used to be in a phase where I was totally blind, and through various events in my life I got several wake-up calls.

Now I am happy to be here to use my experiences to help others change their lives and be happy.


You have solutions within you

In everyday life you have so many things to do… emails to answer, bills to pay, go to work, take care of children, partner and family, socialize with friends and neighbors, and so on. Are you comfortable with all these activities, or do you feel any necessity to change them? If you want to change, how do you do it?

Everybody has very good sensors to detect whether they are on the right path or not: the sensors are feelings and emotions. If you feel happy, you are on the right track, but if you feel weak, scared, or in doubt, these emotions are already signals that you should do things differently. If you can always follow these subtle signals and change your attitude, you should be quite comfortable in your life. However, normally your mind tells you that everybody does it, or you have already committed, etc. and try to find reasons not to change.

Life coaching helps in such situations to identify your real preference and choices on your own, see things differently, and motivate you to go your own way.

You already have the best solutions for any situations within you,

and I can help you find them.


Common topics for life coaching

  • Career
  • Relationship (partner, family, colleagues, neighbors etc.)
  • Change old pattern/attitude/way of thinking
  • Identify your purpose in life
  • Love/accept yourself
  • Make decision from various options
  • Spiritual theme

Any other topics are also welcome. In case, coach finds that a client needs help from experts such as a medical doctor or a lawyer, the coaching session will be terminated.